Webstock, the pioneer of equity crowdfunding platforms

Webstock was initially developed by two entrepreneurs, Axel Schultze and Marita Roebkes. It was built to let business partners and customers invest in their fast growing Internet Distribution business Internet2000 which changed the name later on to Infinigate.

One of the special features has been that already after the first major update, the platform offered investors the ability to offer their shares to other investors in case they had to divest for whatever reason. This way for the first time startup shares could actually be sold and less savvy investors could sell their shares. 




HISTORY (English)

Webstock was first introduced in 1997 as an online fundraising and trading platform.
It was effectively the very first equity based crowdfunding platform.


In 2016 the concept has been taken further, processes enhanced and are now compliant with the US SEC and Swiss FINMA. The all new system is now available from Society3 Group under the FundersMart brand.

GESCHICHTE (deutsch)

Webstock wurde erstmals 1997 der Öffentlichkeit als Investment platform vorgestellt
Es war erste equity crowdfunding platform weltweit.


2016 wurde das Konzept wesentlich erweitert, Prozesse verbessert, und sind nun US SEC und Swiss FINMA zugelassen. Das neue System ist jetzt von Society3 unter dem Namen FundersMart verfügbar.